Review – Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham

Need an escape from your own every-day struggles? Then set sail with Marsha Canham in the Pirate Wolf Series and you won’t be disappointed! Historical Romance should teach you something about the time period while keeping you completely absorbed in the characters and plot. This book delivers! Vivid descriptions set the scene from page one and it doesn’t let up. It’s not boring description, though – it’s seamlessly woven into the plot and by the time the book was over, I had a detailed image of the ship, cannons, and characters in my head. This is one of those rare books that strikes the perfect blend between story and setting. Strong female lead, a dashing “pirate”, and secondary characters that round out the cast quite nicely. It’s an adventure on the high-seas that historical romance readers will love.

Genre: Historical Romance
definitely “R” rated (at least)


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