Review of Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

I love art, art galleries and art history so this book seemed too perfect to pass up. Thornton provides a mini-field trip into the art world, focusing on several aspects of that often mysterious and secretive world where “art” is created and judged to be relevant.

Thornton takes the reader on a journey through an art auction, a “crit” (or art-critique group), an art fair, an artist’s studio, and other worthy stops which are enlightening and occasionally entertaining. How art is created, reported on, collected and valued is the central focus of this book and it provides a nice behind-the-scenes introduction to those of us who are not part of the inner circle.

Some chapters were more interesting than others, though. Part of that might be due to my own interests and experiences but it’s still worth a read if you’re interested in the inner workings of the art world beyond the occasional auction or open-studio tour. Since art is one of the few commodities that has not depreciated in recent years, this book is an interesting and informative look at part of what makes art so valuable that it is an investment for many people.

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