Review of Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse #1) by J.R. Rain

I’ve read the Samantha Moon books by J.R. Rain and decided to give Jim Knighthorse a try. I was not disappointed. Rain moves the story right along with plenty of wise-cracks and some pretty amusing vanity on the part of the protagonist. Jim Knighthorse is the guy you love despite the fact that he knows you love him and likes to remind you of it because he simply can’t imagine anyone not loving him.

He’s dogged and determined, not easily intimidated, and fiercely loyal. Knighthorse doesn’t let things go, even when he should. The supporting characters are as interesting as Knighhorse – from the high school student accused of murder to the unamused assistant principal of the school and even Knighthorse’s cold as ice father – you can’t help but stay with the book to find out what happens next.

There’s been some criticism that Rain’s books are too short – I disagree. If you’re looking for a quick, fun read then give his work a shot. You won’t be bored by slow spots or murky plots (although he does deliver some nice twists – he does it cleanly!) and the writing is mostly polished. I do have to tell you that there were a couple of words that were misplaced (accept instead of except) but it wasn’t overly distracting.


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