Review of The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World’s Largest Unsolved Art Theft by Ulrich Boser

This was a book I saw on Amazon and just had to buy! As an art lover and a reader of anything that involves crime, skullduggery, and an international investigation I just had to read it. Ulrich Boser does a beautiful job of telling the tale of the heist, describing the missing masterpieces, and interviewing the investigators of the crime. It’s a fascinating story of the crime that goes way beyond the details of the heist and right into the personalities and passions of the investigator, the suspects, and the insiders who shared their knowledge of the underground art trade and criminal world.

This is an investigative piece that reads like a brilliant novel. Boser’s journey into the art world is gripping and while reading it, I was instantly drawn into the tale and making my own guesses about who could have pulled off the crime and where those lost master pieces could be today.

If you like true crime, investigations, art, the seedy underbelly of the artsy society, and really crisp and informative writing, this would be a great book.

On a side note, it was so good that I think about it often- and for that reason it is saved on my kindle and I know I’ll go back to read it again.


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