Review of Angel’s Ink by Jocelynn Drake

I finished this two days ago and thought it was a great book. Twists, turns, and a few funny moments are liberally sprinkled through this book and the characters are so well developed that you can’t help but love (or fear) them. Gage (the hero) is a tatoo artist with a big problem – apparently he’s way more talented than he thought he was when mixing rare ingredients into the ink he uses on clients. One wrong decision and his whole life is turned upside down – now that would be pretty traumatic if he didn’t already have problems that threatened to upend his world.

Throw in a former mentor who considers him a “blot”, a parole officer type who can haul him before the execution squad, a few agents from a foreign “government” who want something he has, and then add in the grim reaper and the poor guy is outnumbered by about ten to one! Gage’s adventures are a non-stop and entertaining ride.

I do have to point out there is one graphic love scene which didn’t really fit for me with the rest of the book it really stuck out as something that was just thrown in (maybe to make it a “paranormal romance”?) but if it’s glaringly discordant for you, don’t give up when you get to that part. It’s four pages, and then the story goes back to what it was.

I’d give this a read, though if you like Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong. It’s a fun book.

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