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Free Promo Experiment #1

Summer’s officially over and I’m back to writing – The good news is: I’ve read a lot of great books I’ll be reviewing. The bad news is: I need to sell some of my own books as well….

R. Leonia Shea

I’ve been slacking lately in the book promotion department so I’m trying something for the first time. Mass promotion. I’ve read that it works, but we’ll see. Here’s what I did:

I’m back with KDP Select for Elementary Magic (In all honesty, I’ve been so busy with the rest of my life that I never got around to reformatting it to put it up on Smashwords or Barnes & Noble – guess that was a good thing!) so I’m doing two free days (September 9 & 10) to generate some sales. I bought a book that I’ve reviewed on Sundaewriters ( called “Money Making Machine:….” and the author shared a bunch of sites to plug your free promo on. I checked the links this morning and realized I needed to create the following:

Several book descriptions (it’s tacky to post the same one all the time)
A cheat sheet with…

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