Review of Money Making Machine by Anbu Rayappan

I write this with very mixed feelings: This was actually an interesting read with some great pointers and generous sharing of resources. It made sense and was well put together. So why do I have mixed feelings? Because as an indie author, I’m completely shocked that there are actually people publishing books on Kindle that they hired someone else to write for them! It’s true – Mr. Rayappan says so himself – EEK!

And yet…

I’m tempted to have someone write something for me – just an outline maybe or a rough draft…something to keep me from agonizing over every sentence or having to untangle my own very complicated plot twists (or plot knots, as I’ve grown to call them). But no…I refuse! I will take Mr. Rayappan’s advice on the research and marketing and publishing and do something MYSELF! I won’t cave to outsourcing (or in-sourcing) my creativity – no matter how much sense this book made on an intuitive level!

Now you see why I had mixed feelings. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re a writer. Even if you’re not planning on hiring someone to write your book for you – there are some really logical and good ideas on marketing and publicity – things I think I might try. It’s worth a look.


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