Review of Pocket Full of Posies by Angela Roquet

Installment two of the Lana Harvey series was almost as good as Graveyard Shift (the first one) but for some reason Lana’s hair-trigger temper got on my nerves a bit toward the middle. Lana’s a Reaper (as in one of the grim ones – an employee of he-himself – the Grim Reaper we all know and hope not to meet) and she’s planning her career path while being attacked by demons for a past transgression. Her boyfriend is a very sweet archangel named Maalik – but for some reason Lana finds him unbearable and frankly she’s a little mean to the guy. Okay, I got the reasons but they seemed a little disproportionate to the anger she displayed. Once I learned to ignore her ill temper and nasty attitude, I liked the book. Liked. Didn’t love.

This is one of those reviews where I’m carefully choosing my words because I think the book is worth a read. There’s a lot of interesting action, a few good twists and likeable characters (yes, even Lana’s usually likeable). It’s a fun piece of escapism and for some reason I think the author is heading somewhere with the “angry Lana” – maybe that’s in the next book or maybe I’m completely wrong and Lana’s really a major head-case who will eventually wind up murdering someone because they looked at her wrong – either way, I’ll read the next book to find out but if Lana’s still a bit nuttier than a Snickers Bar then I’m done.

Here’s what you need to know – Good plot, stand-alone book (you don’t need to read the first or the next), good action, slightly irrational main character but a good enough supporting cast that you can ignore it, and clear, concise world-building. Not as funny as Graveyard Shift, but entertaining none-the-less. Priced at $2.99 (for this week, at least) it’s worth a shot. I’m interested in knowing if anyone else reads it and has the same reaction. Post a reply, please.


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