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On Staying Focused

R. Leonia Shea

There are days when I get up in the middle of the night and knock out 3,000-6,000 words before I go to work. Other days, I rush home and immediately get to work on the next chapter of my new book without even bothering to check the mail or grab a glass of iced tea.

If all of my days were like those above, I’d be a prolific writer with a backlist in the double digits. Alas, I am not always as focused as that. Some days I sit at my desk and post to facebook or my blog. Some days I work on my covers or do random searches for my book titles and reviews.

That’s the hard part of being an indie author (it can also be the greatest reward because if I have something else to do, I can put my writing away to do it) –…

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There’s more to editing than spell check

This is a great article on editor (type, why you need them, etc!) that all indies should check out! There’s more to editing than spell check!