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Review – Ever After by Kim Harrison

I was up most of the night reading this book. Because I loved it so much, I’m breaking my usual rule about only reviewing indie books. If you are a fan of The Hollows series, you won’t want to miss the latest installment. If you love urban fantasy and haven’t read any of the books in the series, you’re going to want to pick up Dead Witch Walking and get started today.

Ever After is beautifully written, engaging, entertaining, suspenseful, and at times heartbreaking and funny. Rachel Mariana Morgan and her band of loyal and interesting friends are back for mischief, mayhem and revenge in the latest Hollows book and things have never been better (or worse) for the Cincy based witch and her vampire, pixy, and elf pals.

I have read reviews of Ms. Harrison’s books where other reviewers bashed Rachel and her lack of leadership and propensity to screw things up and I completely disagree. Those characteristics are exactly what makes Rachel so likeable. Her ability to forgive and move forward make her admirable. Her willingness to share in the glory and blame make her memorable. Her propensity for diving in and her determination to make the hard choices make her someone I’d want to hang out with. She has style, and as long as you can have style while battling demons I’m in!

This wild ride of urban fantasy finds Rachel in a few unlikely alliances to set things straight and right again in her world and the Ever After. The usual suspects appear (actually, I think she managed to get them ALL in this book) from Al to Newt; From Quen to Trent; From Jenks and Bis to Ivy and Nick.

Sometimes, the story becomes confusing (almost as if I missed a book – which I didn’t) but I have so much faith in the author that I just forged ahead, knowing that at some point she will bring it all together – be it in Ever After or in the next book. That’s the great thing about the series – little cookie crumbs are left in earlier books that come back later to lead you to a delicious and utterly satisfying end.

If you’re looking to read a book you can’t put down pick this one up. Between the beautifully crafted world, the elaborate descriptions that make the movie in your head run in vivid Technicolor, and the interesting and wonderfully flawed characters – Ever After is a gem and a satisfying read!