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Review of Fuzzy Navel: A Thriller by J.A. Konrath

The title is certainly accurate – Fuzzy Navel is indeed a thriller from the first sentence to the cliff hanger ending. Konrath explains it should take you about 8 hours to read it – I think I read it in about 5 hours – while doing a few other random things between chapters. It’s a quick read, but completely satisfying and packed with “what now?” moments that keep the pages flying.
What I love about Konrath’s writing is this: Right in the middle of a serious situation he comes out with something so clever and well-written that you laugh out loud – only Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Novels have been able to make me do that consistently.
There are some really sick twists in this book – but they all make sense and the pace moves along so quickly that you don’t get to dwell on them (or feel guilty that you were kind of glad the twisted thing happened).
And that cliff hanger ending? Don’t worry about that – Konrath is such a master story-teller that he leaves you hanging just enough that you want the next book IMMEDIATELY but the story you finished was wrapped up so neatly that you don’t feel cheated in any way.
This was an AWESOME read (and I don’t say that lightly).


Psst – Pass it on!

Fortunes Bought & Sold has been released on Amazon a week before the release date. It’s priced it at 99 cents until the weekend when the “official” release is scheduled. The free short story Unplanned Magic has been included as a bonus feature…Pass it on!

It’s a mystery with a paranormal twist.

Review of Lost in Italy by Stacey Joy Netzel

If you need an escape, then get Lost in Italy! It’s a fun book with action, romance, mystery, great scenery, likeable characters, and a solid plot. From the beginning (which seems slightly implausible until you read the author’s note at the end and find out it actually happened to her!) until the end (which the author crafted with great skill) it’s a hard book to put down.

Amazingly, this book has a little bit of everything. There’s a murder mystery, an anxiety disorder, a movie star, suspense, TWO romances, family drama and it’s all wrapped up in a travel book. You might think something would get lost in that combination, but it doesn’t. Every part of the plot is solid and it all fits beautifully together to build a satisfying story that held my interest from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for something to read on a rainy day, a sunny day at the beach, or while recovering from an illness this book will get you through in style. Lost in Italy is a fine example of what is good and right about Indie fiction.