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Review of Agent Garbo by Stephan Talty


The subtitle of this book is “the brilliant, eccentric secret agent who tricked Hitler and saved D-Day” and you can’t get more accurate than that. If you like spies, WWII, historical accounts, biographies, intrigue or just really interesting stories, than this book is for you.

Talty captures the essence of Garbo and his British handlers in a vivid portrait that leaves the reader captivated by the main characters and engrossed in the story. You should know that I’m not a WWII buff, and I couldn’t put this book down. From the initial descriptions of Garbo’s life in Spain to the conclusion of the book I was enthralled with the heroism, psychology, and audacity of the people who pulled off such a magnificent deception against all odds.

If you like spy stories (LeCarre, etc.) you’ll love this true account – it is every bit as daring and it reads like a novel most of the time.